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16 oz Liquid Dog Vitamins
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30-day supply for dogs u
nder 50lbs.
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 32 oz. Liquid Dog Vitamins
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60-day supply for dogs under 50 lbs.
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Our Liquid Dog Vitamins Formula is now in over
200 independent pet stores in nine states (mostly western states) plus in Connecticut & Illinios.

We are in the 2013 Winter issue of
The Virginia-Maryland Dog magazine.
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Dog Vitamins in The Virgina-Maryland Dog

We have been featured in PET AGE Magazine.
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ATTENTION: Not all dog vitamins are created equal. Your dog's health depends on YOU knowing the difference...

"Discover how you can improve your dog's health and attitude by using liquid dog vitamins with the healing benefits of mangosteen. Just like you --- a happy, healthy dog needs additional nutrients and dog supplements with meals..."


You love your canine companion. That much is obvious or you wouldn't be here.

The world of dog vitamins and dog supplements can be confusing. You probably have a lot of questions.

Which dog supplement is best for your dog? Well, we are partial. Our Liquid Dog Vitamins Formula is the best!

Are so-called "dog vitamins" even necessary? Yes, considering most commerical dog food has little nutritional value. In fact, almost universally, dog owners nod their heads up and down when asked if they know that fact.

Is the dog supplement industry regulated? After the melamine contamination of dog products in 2007 & 2008, how can you be sure of the safety and purity of your purchase of your dog vitamins? Read our Quality Assurance page to find out the proper way to guard against contamination.

We will address all those questions and much more. You will get answers. 

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This report is an eye-opener. It's one of the main reasons we created our Liquid Dog Vitamins Formula with Joint Support and Mangosteen. It's yours free just for joining our email list. We'll occasionally send you some vital information, discounts, and good news.

Who looks for dog vitamins?

Dog Vitamins BottlesYou are probably in one of two situations in which many dog owners find themselves.

  1. You have an older dog whom you dearly love. He's not moving around like he used to and you're concerned. Maybe your dog doesn't play like she did a few years ago and you're worried about her. Maybe your dog has experienced some pain and lets you know in a few different ways, like nipping, groaning, limping, or just not participating.

  2. You have a new puppy or a young dog. Maybe you are thinking about getting one for your family. You may have had experiences mentioned in number one above. This time you want things to be different for your new or younger dog. You want to protect the future health of your new canine friend. You have decided to provide dog supplements and watch the food you give. You've looked into dog vitamins and are wondering which is best for your dog. 

What is the biggest problem facing dog owners today? It's often the fact that your dog cannot just speak up and tell you what's going on with their body. As our vet, Dr. Randy Thomas, of Scatter Creek Animal Clinic says, "Wouldn't it just be great if they could talk?"

But even the smartest canine can't log onto the internet and do research on dog vitamins. That's your job. So let's get started...

In the next 3 minutes you're going to see how easy it is to understand what's best for your dog when it comes to dog vitamins.

Are you ready? Just click on this link to go to our "Dog Vitamins" page.

Wouldn't it be great if your dog could just jump in the car to get the dog vitamins he needs to live the canine dream of a great life with you? Well, he can't. So head over to our detailed dog vitamins page and help him out.

 Turn ANY Dog Food Into A Super Dog Food



*      I wanted to finally write my testimonial to you guys. 

I started using Ultimate Health in March of 2010. My 8 year old dog Zoe, had developed back problems several years back and they seemed to be getting worse. It was getting to the point where she no longer was able to go on a walk with my other dogs and she seemed to be acting much older then her age. After only using it for several weeks I noticed how much better she was doing. She started to become more active and playful. I also noticed that it was helping with her chronic dermatitis. This past October Zoe participated in her first field trial and took next best qualifier. 

I know this product works because I ran out of it for several weeks and noticed that Zoe's back problems started flaring up again and her dermatitis came back. 

I also started using it on my other dog Evee to see what it would do for her. Evee is a smooth dachshund and has always had thin hair and bald spots. Within a month her hair started to grow back and its getting so long we think she might be a recessive long haired dachshund!! 

I have also started my show dog on this product to help maintain his coat and keep him as healthy as possible. 

I swear by this product and recommend it to all my friends. This is an inexpensive product that is worth it's weight in gold!! 

Patrice M. Baker, Oregon

--  Patrice M. Baker, Oregon from January 2011

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Customer Testimonials
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 August 2011
38 second phone testimonial:

Our newest customer success story from June 4, 2012:
My dog is like a puppy again!! Thank you so much!!! I've been telling EVERYONE about your vitamins!!

-- Daniala in California 

It has been approximately 7 months now that I've purchased for resale and fed to my 6 Labs. I waited this long to truly give you a review of your UHFD Liquid Dog Vitamin Formula line. Being the owner of the largest retail holistic dog and cat food/supplier in the N.E. USA, I have an extensive amount of research into my products I carry at my store, Thomaston Feed in Thomaston, Ct.

Also being an author (To Your Dog's Health), I am looked upon as an authority to which I value dearly. As I have been using your product now for over 6 months, I am very pleased to say it well surpasses my expectations. Digestion, appearance and mental acuity in my Labs is phenomenal. You have an excellent product here and I look forward to a great business relationship over the future. God bless all of you for what you are doing for the greatest creatures on earth.

-- Mark Poveromo, Thomaston Feed in Thomaston, CT from Feb. 13, 2012

"The Vitamins are amazing.  Our 10 year old Lab/Aussie Mix has the spring back in his step, his happy smile is back and is jumping on our bed again to snuggle with us.  Mackey is no longer taking Rimadyl.  YEAH...Thank you so much!!  Our 15 year old Sydney, a Aussie/Collie mix, is in renal kidney failure with secondary infections.  Your vitamins have greatly helped to strengthen her immune system which has lessened the secondary infections.  She had regained her appetite, eating heartily again, and her strength is back.  Her quality of life has improved tremendously and she is only having good days now.  Thank you!!  I have ordered additional vitamins and have given them to my family members to give to their "Best Friends". 

-- Micky in California

"This product works! I have a 13 yr old Golden Retriver,who is moving and acting like a much younger dog. Anyone, with aging or ailing dogs will benefit from this product!"

-- Pat in Washington

"I just wanted to let you know that the replacement bottle of vitamins you sent arrived safely on Monday! Sailor-girl (our 7 ½ year old Portuguese Water Dog) is a happy girl now that her vitamins are back…her energy has increased and she is jumping like a youngster again.I didn’t know that she was having any pain in her hips, but after a week or so with the vitamins she began jumping like she used to – if you’ve ever met a Portie, you know they love to jump with joy. Thanks so much for an excellent product and the BEST customer service I’ve experienced in a long time!"  

-- Lydia in Arkansas

"Our dog's coat is so shiny now, and her skin is not itchy or flakey. She also moves around a lot better since being on your product."

-- Silvia in S. Carolina

Nelly owns a grooming and boarding business called Nelly's Ark. Listen to her great story about a dog she has been grooming for 3 years and what happened after just 4 weeks on our Liquid Dog Vitamins Formula. Length is less than 30 seconds...


 "Your product rolled back the clock on my dog by five years. She would only get off her bed about three times a day. She would look so sad when I would head out to the barn to do the horses, because she used to do that all the time with me. Now, she goes down to the barn with me and plays with our 4 year old dog. It is truly amazing and I have become a big advocate of your product in our store, Pet Country, here in Medford, OR."

-- Carol in Oregon

"My 11 & 13 year old girls are getting off their bed easier. AND they're starting to get into trouble again. At their age, it's the least I can do for them. They will get this product for the rest of their lives."

-- Brenda in Washington

"Using this product on my older German Shepherd dog, and have seen a major improvement within a week. Have gone from 2 Rimadyl tablets a day to 1/2 a tablet. I am also using on my 11 month old golden retriever puppy daily and it has helped her with itching problem." 

-- Nancy in Washington